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Gameboy Sprite Exporter


  • Convert your images into C and Assembly arrays
  • Remove duplicate sprites or just click on sprites to remove them from the export
  • Paste images from the clipboard into the exporter
  • Copy the converted code to the clipboard


  • ctrl + c - copies exported code to the clipboard
  • ctrl + v - paste image from clipboard
  • ctrl + s - save the code to file

Gameboy Sprite Exporter requires .NET Framework 2.0

Ogmo Map Converter

Ogmo Map Converter is a command line tool for converting map files from the Ogmo Editor into arrays for C and Assembly.

At the moment it can only convert tile layers that have export mode CSV and grid layers that have either rectangle or bitstring export mode.


  • MapName C - converts map to C
  • MapName ASM - converts map to assembly
  • MapName - converts map to C
  • -all - converts all maps
  • -list - list all maps in the folder
  • -delete MapName - deletes map


Gameboy Sprite Exporter [v 1.1].zip 22 kB
Ogmo Map Converter.zip 5 kB

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